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New for 2018: Short stories and letters from Africa by Dashanaba King. Look for additions throughout the year.

New for 2018: Short stories, essays and miscellaneous musing by Vincent Ware and guest writers. Look for additions throughout the year.

New for 2018: Podcasts with Vincent Ware and an assortment of guests. Now on Voice page.

Coming in 2018: New music produced by Dovercourt Productions. Also original music from various artists. Look for added music throughout the year.

Coming in April 2018: The second of three futuristic science-fiction adventures by Vincent Ware entitled “Justice and a Kiss.” Following the novel “Twenty One Seventy,” and continuing to take place in the year 2170, the immortal father and daughter are dispensing their unique forms of Justice and preparing to do battle in order to save their beloved city from a destructive conflict. Adding to the complexity of this dangerous challenge they face is their desire to assist their Artificially Intelligent, male appearing, Android friend that searches for his female appearing Android mate that has been kidnapped by his identical twin Android brother and held captive for the past sixty years. “Justice and a Kiss” is another riveting, thought-provoking book filled with excitement, intrigue, passion, violence, lust, horror, love, tragedy and triumph.

Producer Terry Chase Chenowith and his Back Fence Productions, LLC has optioned the novel entitled "270" by author Vincent Ware. The book is an Historical Fiction of epic proportions that spans one hundred and ten years. Chronicling the lives of two power African Kings and the courageous young Queen that comes between them, it follows their descendants to America. This compelling novel is filled with passionate romance and exciting intrigue. Using as backdrop, the Civil War of 1861, and the unprecedented riots and civil uprisings of 1943 and 1967, this beautifully written novel is unlike anything ever before created and will be the subject of a screenplay for a feature film by Chenowith and BFP,LLC.


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  Welcome to the world of Aware Media Group, home to both Julia House Publishers and DoverCourt Productions. It is here we will strive to present original artistic creations of the highest quality. 
  It is our desire to share with you unique endeavors that encompass varied areas of the arts. We truly hope that you shall not just enjoy, but will also be challenged and enlightened. 
  It has been said that one of the more important aspects of art, is the degree of the emotional response it creates. This experience can leave a lasting impression. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to assist you in feeling, something.
  To paraphrase the philosopher George Santayana:
  “Nothing has less to do with the real merit of a work of imagination than the capacity of all people to appreciate it; the true test is the degree and kind of satisfaction it can give to those who appreciate it most.”
  Again, from all of us here. Welcome to our world.


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